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New Age English School Inc

Working Conditions for Foreign Employees

1.      Monthly Salary

For those ESL Teachers wishing to know the amount of salary given at the end of each working month, please contact Mary Thompson via email. This information is not posted on our webpage for the privacy of our present foreign employees  An income Tax will be reduced from this amount according to the regulations of the Japanese Taxation Regulations.

2.      Work Schedule and Location

i) The Employee shall be available up to 30
lessons per week. A
working week consists of 5 (five) days, 2 (two) days shall be scheduled as holidays as set by the Employer.  A normal working day commences at 1:30pm and finishes at 10:30pm according to the daily teaching schedule arranged by the Employer.

ii) Changes to the regular working schedule, dictated by operating needs, are at the discretion of the Employer.  All lessons shall be conducted on the fixed premises of New Age English School, 4-14-2 Tsutsuo, Kuwana, Mie, 511-0901, JAPAN.  Changes to the fixed place of employment, dictated by operating needs, are at the discretion of the Employer.

3.  Accommodation

i)  Prior to arrival of the Employee, the Employer will consult and arrange on request accommodation for the employee of a reasonable standard that may be used for the period of the employment. 

ii)    The Employer will pay all monies for the deposit and bond required for the initial rental of the accommodation for the Employee.  The Employer will also furniture the acquired accommodation within a standard degree for a comfortable living environment. 

iii)   Each month the employee will pay the Employer the required amount for rent for the accommodation, plus utilities.

iv) If the Employee is not satisfied with the provided accommodation, alternative accommodation can be undertaken at the expense of the Employee, after consultation with the Employer.

4.Health Insurance

i)   The Employer requests the Employee to join the Japan Medical Assistance (JMA) program.

ii)  The Employer will not be responsible for medical costs associated with treatment and/or repatriation of an Employee who has not arranged adequate medical insurance cover or where the medical cover arranged is insufficient to cover all costs involved in the treatment and/or repatriation of the Employee.

5.Community Tax

According to the Japanese Taxation Department the Employer requests the Employee to pay a community tax, which is determined according to his/her monthly salary.


The Employer agrees to apply for a work visa certification (Certificate of Eligibility) for the Employee, which, subject to the approval by a Japanese Embassy or Consulate and Immigration authorities, will provide the Employee with legal working status in Japan.

7.Travel expenses (coming from abroad)

The Employee will organize his/her own flight arrangements to Nagoya International Airport, Japan, and all costs associated with the flight will be undertaken at the expense of the Employee.  The Employer will arrange to meet and transport the Employee to his/her arranged accommodation in Kuwana.


The Employer will provide the Employee on request with a small car,which shall be insured under the Employerfs name. However, payments of such insurance and other costs including gas etc., and the necessary regulated check of the car will be made by the Employee.A valid international drivers license must be held by the Employee or if the Employee has no international drivers license, he/she will then need to apply for a Japanese drivers license by showing a valid drivers license of the country of which he/she is a citizen.  Or show a valid international drivers license.  Note that a driving test may be needed according to the nationality of the Employee.

For more details contact Mary Thompson at New Age English School Inc. via email, fax or phone.